Learn WordPress – WordPress Help

Learn WordPress - WordPress Help

Confused about WordPress? Get our FREE WordPress training and  become “THE” Blogger!

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You are a newbie in the blogging world and want to learn how to use WordPress but don’t know where to start? Blogging is supposed to be an easy thing, but using WordPress may seem confusing when you don’t have any experience at all.
We are pleased to help you discover the wonderful world of WordPress, with us you will learn how to use it like a pro.
At first the new jargon may seem be a bit intimidating, but you’ll get familiar with all terms very quickly. You will learn about plugins, themes, widgets, sidebars, headers, footer, posts, pages, backups among many other things!

Our training is 100% Free, so why should you pay for it elsewhere?

Yes, plenty of paid WordPress training material and courses can be found on internet, but we chose not to do so. You will learn WordPress and receive top notch  video training giving you all the WordPress help you need.
All you need to do to learn how to maintain and update your blog is to fill in the form with your name and email address above.

What am I going to learn with these Free WordPress Tutorials?

    • Learn to navigate within the WordPress admin panel and understand the new terminology.
    • Learn how to modify the layout of your blog, headers, sidebars, etc…
    • Learn how to use graphical elements like adding and resizing videos and images.
    • Learn how to find WordPress help whenever needed.
    • Learn how to install new plugins.
    • Learn how to install and modify themes, you’ll learn how to create personal ones.
    • Learn how to add a contact form and mandatory pages.
    • Learn how to create and maintain new pages, posts and categories.
    • Get cool WordPress tips and advanced tricks on how to get the best out of your site.
    • And that’s the tip of the iceberg!

So, don’t wait a minute, simply fill in the form above and you learn WordPress the next minute.
Enjoy this brand new and fun experience!


Learn WordPress - WordPress Help Free

Free WordPress Tutorials






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